• Raven’s Enclosure, Tower of London

    Legend has it that the kingdom will fall should the ravens ever leave the Tower of London. It was extra important therefore to provide a safe and comfortable new habitat for the iconic birds – one that was sensitive…

  • Withdrawal of JCT 2011: information for JCT users

    Following the launch of the JCT 2016 Edition of Contracts, the JCT 2011 Edition will now start to be withdrawn.  The following information outlines the process for withdrawing JCT 2011 contracts depending on the product format:

    JCT On Demand users


  • JCT Minor Works 2016: payment made easy

    Our latest JCT 2016 Edition blog explains the new payment process in the JCT Minor Works Building Contract…

    The interim payment process need not be difficult. Actually, it is quite straightforward under the JCT framework for payment, which complies…

  • JCT Minor Works 2016: insurance provisions

    Our latest JCT 2016 Edition blog looks at the insurance provisions in the Minor Works Building Contract…

    The JCT Minor Works Building Contract (Minor Works) is designed for smaller, basic construction projects where the work is of a simple…

  • Judging panel announced for JCT Student Competition 2017

    The judging panel for the JCT Student Competition 2017 has been announced, comprising experts from the education, law, media, and professional practice sectors within the construction industry.

    The competition focuses on creativity and finding innovative solutions to address a range…

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