Construction Playbook delivered through the use of JCT Contracts

JCT has produced a new infographic as a quick-reference guide for public and private sector projects looking to adopt the policies and objectives contained within the Construction Playbook.

The Construction Playbook was published by HM Government in December 2020 as a guide on sourcing and contracting public works projects and programmes. The guidance refers to 14 key policy areas, and key activities, within the procurement stages. JCT 2016 is specifically referenced in Chapter 6 on Effective Contracting, where it is recommended that standard forms of contract “can be used to help simplify and speed up procurement procedures”.

Following the publication, JCT released an article, “JCT Contracts Meeting the Objectives of the Construction Playbook”, which provides more detail about how the JCT suite can be used in alignment with the Playbook’s policies.

This infographic summarises that article in quick-reference form, to highlight some of the key JCT contract products and approaches that can be adopted to meet the Construction Playbook’s objectives.