Education & Students

JCT is keen to improve the understanding of construction contracts and their use through education. We focus on education and training to provide ways for students, contract users in the construction supply chain, and education providers to gain skills in the use of construction contracts, their administration, and further information about how knowledge of JCT contracts can be learnt and taught.



For Students

Students benefit not only from access to resources to gain a full understanding of construction contracts and their use, the initiative also provides context to the role of contracts within the wider industry, so students understand the importance of construction and the potential of working within the built environment. If you are a student and would like to find out more or participate in JCT’s initiative, register your interest now in joining the JCT’s Student Group.

For Education and Training Providers

The Academic Box Set is an education and training provider pack full of useful features for course providers. The box set includes:

  • The complete set of JCT Contracts
  • The JCT Contracts Digital Service
  • Invitation to become a member of the JCT Education and Training Provider Group

Once your membership to the JCT Education and Training Provider Group has been activated, you are entitled to a range of further benefits, including:

  • A discount on the standard JCT Educational and Training Module
  • A JCT e-mail helpline for lecturers and trainers
  • Subsidised places at JCT events, workshops, seminars and conferences
  • Promotional opportunities for education and training courses
  • Access to the JCT expert speaker guest list
  • Two free guaranteed places at the JCT annual Povey Lecture

The Academic Box Set is a limited offer and is only available to recognised bodies whose primary purpose is the provision of education and training.

If you are interested in purchasing the JCT Academic Box Set, contact the customer service team at our publishers, Thomson Reuters, by telephone on 0845 600 9355 or email:

JCT Contracts Discovery

JCT Contracts Discovery is an education and learning module designed for education and training providers, in-house training teams and independent tutors. Find out more here