JCT provides new guidance to public sector

JCT has been providing new guidance for public sector clients on various aspects of JCT contracts, including contract selection, guidance on the JCT 2016 Edition, and specific contract families. The request from the public sector for further engagement with JCT comes amid an increase in the uptake of JCT contracts by a number of local authorities across the UK. JCT vice chair and vice chair of the JCT Drafting Sub-Committee, John Riches, has been at the forefront of the initiative by giving presentations to a…

BIM and Housing Issues combine at JCT’s Parliamentary Reception

JCT’s Construction Industry Parliamentary Reception was held at the House of Commons on Tuesday 17 May 2016, bringing together construction industry professionals, clients and government to reflect upon current issues in construction and their impact on contracts. Introduced by JCT Chair, Richard Saxon CBE, the event was an opportunity to update delegates on some of JCT’s current activities, including work JCT is taking forward in relation to Building Information Modelling, and the forthcoming JCT 2016 Edition of contracts. Richard Saxon said: “We are having an…

JCT Contracts Already Work for Government’s ‘New Models’ of Procurement

JCT Chair, Peter Hibberd, has responded to the Government’s draft guidelines on New Models of Construction Procurement, published by the Cabinet Office and Energy Reform Group in January.

JCT Invites Government to Make Better Use of JCT Contracts

JCT contracts are best positioned to deliver the needs of the public sector and the wider industry, JCT Chair, Peter Hibberd, tells delegates at the annual JCT Construction Industry Parliamentary Reception, at the House of Commons.

Government and the Industry Must Work in Partnership for the Future of Construction

The future of UK construction is dependent on effective partnership between government and industry, explained Chief Construction Adviser, Peter Hansford at the JCT Povey Lecture on 14th November 2013.

JCT Povey Lecture 2013 – A Time for Partnership

JCT Povey Lecture 2013 “A Time for Partnership” Peter Hansford, HM Government Chief Construction Adviser Download Peter Hansford’s lecture note in full About the Povey Lecture The JCT Povey Lecture is an annual event at which an eminent person is invited to give their thoughts on significant matters that are relevant to the construction and property industry. The purpose of the lecture is to stimulate thought and encourage ways of continuing to improve the quality and value of construction output. The event was inaugurated in…

Chief Construction Adviser to face industry at JCT Povey Lecture 2013

Peter Hansford, the Government’s Chief Construction Adviser, will give the JCT Povey Lecture on Thursday 14 November 2013.