JCT provides new guidance to public sector

JCT has been providing new guidance for public sector clients on various aspects of JCT contracts, including contract selection, guidance on the JCT 2016 Edition, and specific contract families.

The request from the public sector for further engagement with JCT comes amid an increase in the uptake of JCT contracts by a number of local authorities across the UK.

JCT vice chair and vice chair of the JCT Drafting Sub-Committee, John Riches, has been at the forefront of the initiative by giving presentations to a number of public sector organisations, including members of the Local Government Association (LGA).

John Riches said:

“We often underrate or forget training and familiarisation. They are fundamental to the day job, they are a sound investment and reap dividends almost immediately.

“I am grateful for the enthusiasm and welcome from the LGA for their participation in this new initiative.”

JCT’s public sector guidance complements another new JCT initiative, JCT Training, which offers more detailed and specific one-day training courses on a variety of JCT contracts and contractual issues.

JCT Training brings together a range of JCT experts including members of the JCT Council and JCT’s Drafting Sub-Committee (responsible for the authoring of the JCT suite of contracts), to provide an unprecedented level of knowledge and expertise for JCT contract users.

More information about JCT’s training courses can be found out at our JCT Training web page, or by joining the JCT Network.