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October 2019

Case Study: Wesley House, Cambridge | Chair’s Letter: Is a Sustainable Built Environment Possible? | Build and Create Your JCT Contracts Online with JCT Construct | New JCT BIM Guidance and Other BIM Developments | Practical Completion | JCT On Demand – New Contracts Now Available | JCT Interviews…Kathryn Ladley


July 2019

Case Study: The Lookout, Lepe Country Park | Chair’s Letter: The Digital Twin: The Why, What and How | JCT provides leadership and innovation with new BIM guidance and digital contract technology | Court of Appeal Clarifies Meaning of “Practical Completion” | (Un)Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Anchor 2020 v Midas Construction | JCT releases new practice note – BIM and JCT Contracts | JCT Interviews…John Littler


April 2019

Case Study: Taff Vale Redevelopment, Ponypridd | Chair’s Letter: Australia Sweeps Test Series | The Big Question: Can You Pay Now and Argue Later? | Do the Different Tiers of Building Contract Really Need to be Back to Back? | The Fluctuating Fortunes of Brexit | The Impact of Digitalisation on Claims Disputes and Their Avoidance | JCT Interviews…Sion Evans


February 2019

Case Study: 70 St Mary Axe “The Can of Ham” | Chair’s Letter: “The Question of Quality” | Concurrent Delay: Allocating the Risk | JCT Povey Lecture 2018 | Insurance and JCT Contracts | JCT Interviews…Suzanne Reeves | JCT’s Chair’s “Going Digital” BIM Guide for Clients Published