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April 2022

Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research Building, University of Warwick | JCT’s Updated PBA 2022 Now Available in Hardcopy and Digital Formats | Post-Brexit Procurement Reforms to Take Shape in 2022 | JCT Training Video Modules – Brush Up on Your JCT Contract Knowledge | JCT Digital – Are You Making the Most of Our Online Services? | JCT’s Young Professionals Group Launches New ‘JCTea’ Networking Initiative | JCT Interview…Robert Alflatt



February 2022

Manchester Jewish Museum | “Whilst Cost Will Never Die Value Will Become King” – Keith Waller Gives the JCT Povey Lecture 2021 | Accelerating Modern Methods of Construction | New – JCT Training Video Modules | JCT YPG – Be a Part of the Future of Construction | JCT Interviews…Steve Wood



October 2021

Case Study: Museum of the Home | Back to the Future: JCT’s 90-Year History Provides Platform for Next Generation of Digital Contracts | Debating Digital | Coming Soon – JCT Training Video Modules | Climate Contracting for the Construction Industry | JCT Home Owner 2021 Edition Launched | Increasing Costs and Fluctuations Provisions |



July 2021

‘Parkside’ – Imperial War Museum HQ, London | Grenfell and the Draft Safety BillConstruction Playbook Delivered Through the Use of JCT Contracts | JCT Launches Dispute Adjudication Board Documentation 2021 with Introductory Video JCT Interviews…Steve Medhurst |