Our Mission

JCT’s ‘Memorandum of Association’ states that the Company’s mission is:

“To develop, publish, procure the publication, revise and disseminate in both paper and electronic form suites of standard forms of contract and tender documentation and practice notes…”

“suite of standard forms” means a group of all the mutually consistent documents necessary to operate a particular method of procurement, produced to enable them to be used together. Where applicable, this includes the following:

  • consultant agreements
  • main contracts between the employer and the main contractor
  • sub-contracts between the main contractor and its sub-contractors (both for sub-contractors selected by the employer and for other sub-contractors)
  • standard forms of sub-sub-contract between a sub-contractor and such sub-contractor’s sub-sub-contractors
  • design agreements between an employer and a specialist designer
  • forms of tender for issue by an employer to prospective main contractors and for issue by a main contractor to prospective sub-contractors and for issue by a sub-contractor to prospective sub-sub-contractors
  • forms of contract for the supply of goods
  • forms of bond and collateral warranties.

JCT’s ongoing work is to produce these suites of standard forms for the various methods of procurement used for obtaining building work.