How well does procurement and contract practice enable BIM?

We now have a government mandate to use BIM Level 2 for all centrally procured construction projects and the take-up of BIM usage is broadening out into the wider public and private sectors. Officially the concept of Level 2 is entirely compatible with established commercial arrangements. The CIC BIM Protocol (2013) is the key document here, agreed with the legal and insurance sectors. However, there have always been concerns in some quarters. JCT itself does not endorse the CIC Protocol in its entirety as it claims to override the contract in the event of discrepancies….

BIM and Housing Issues combine at JCT’s Parliamentary Reception

JCT’s Construction Industry Parliamentary Reception was held at the House of Commons on Tuesday 17 May 2016, bringing together construction industry professionals, clients and government to reflect upon current issues in construction and their impact on contracts. Introduced by JCT Chair, Richard Saxon CBE, the event was an opportunity to update delegates on some of JCT’s current activities, including work JCT is taking forward in relation to Building Information Modelling, and the forthcoming JCT 2016 Edition of contracts. Richard Saxon said: “We are having an…

Who should be at the heart of a Project (whether BIM or not)?

Much of the construction related rhetoric we hear every day neglects to mention or challenge the most critical member of the Project team. Everyone else gets a mention: the designers, the constructors, the techies that enable clever stuff to happen, but very little is said about the guys that need the project, appoint the team, pay for it (in so many ways!) and then also benefit from it (hopefully!). At the heart of all projects is of course not the Architect or Project Manager but…

JCT releases BIM Practice Note

The Joint Contracts Tribunal (JCT) has released the practice note, “Building Information Modelling (BIM), Collaborative and Integrated Team Working”.

Making building contracts work with BIM

Blog authors: Tom Pemberton and Andrew Croft – Beale & Company Solicitors LLP Following the UK government’s well publicised plans to use Building Information Modelling (“BIM”) on all centrally procured public sector projects by April 2016 there has been a real increase in the use of BIM in both the private and public sector. In 2011, the JCT issued its Public Sector Supplement, including amendments facilitating the use of BIM. These amendments, and associated guidance issued by the JCT, were the earliest example of drafting…