Public Sector

JCT is committed to working with public sector clients, local and central government to ensure that JCT contracts and documents are central to effective public sector procurement.

A key role for JCT is playing its part in the implementation of the Government Construction Strategy, and we are working to investigate ways in which collaborative working, new procurement models, project insurance, or Building Information Modelling (BIM) may be better integrated into the contract process.

Our commitment to the Government’s Construction Strategy is reflected in the publication of our Public Sector Supplement, which was launched to complement the release of the 2011 edition of JCT contracts.

The JCT 2016 edition incorporates the provisions of the JCT Public Sector Supplement 2011 that relate to Fair Payment, Transparency & BIM.

Project Bank Account Documentation 2022 (PBA 2022)

Updated for 2022, JCT’s Project Bank Account Documentation helps parties to a contract who wish to adopt the use of a project bank account (PBA) as part of fair payment practice.

It is for use on private and public sector projects, but for the public sector it assists JCT contract users in complying with the policy objectives of the Government’s Construction Playbook on the use of PBAs.

JCT’s PBA Documentation comprises the following:

  • JCT Project Bank Account Agreement (PBA). This includes the JCT form of Joining Agreement (PBA/JA)
  • Enabling Provisions for insertion into the Building Contract and Sub-Contracts requiring the relevant parties to enter into the PBA
  • Guidance Notes

Public Sector Supplement 2011


JCT’s Public Sector Supplement is a freely downloadable document that is tailored specifically for public sector clients and their advisers. The first of its kind in the industry, the new supplement is a user-friendly document that can be used in conjunction with JCT contracts in the procurement of public sector projects.

The new supplement includes key features from the Government’s Construction Strategy, including:

  • Provisions to ensure alignment with the Government’s Fair Payment Guidelines.
  • A model clause authorising disclosures by public sector clients in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 2008 and the Government’s Transparency Policy.
  • Reference to any agreed Building Information Modelling (BIM) protocol.

Importantly, the Public Sector Supplement is a live document. JCT will regularly update it to meet the developing needs of the public sector and then make available each new release.

Download a free copy of the Public Sector Supplement and sign up to receive future updates.

Public Sector Group

JCT is keen to engage those working in the procurement of public sector projects at both a local and central government level. If you would be interested in joining JCT’s public sector group, register here.