JCT Invites Government to Make Better Use of JCT Contracts

JCT contracts are best positioned to deliver the needs of the public sector and the wider industry, JCT Chair, Peter Hibberd, tells delegates at the annual JCT Construction Industry Parliamentary Reception, held at the House of Commons on Wednesday 14 May 2014.

“Recent governments have criticised construction for being too fragmented, yet it still has not fully utilised JCT. I very much hope this might change.

“JCT is the UK’s pre-eminent contract authoring body, working as it does with users across the span of construction activity. […] There is everything to gain by supporting its operation, its products and indeed its ethos of working together for the benefit of both the supply and demand sides of our industry. […] Whatever your choice of procurement, including the government’s ‘New Models’ of procurement, JCT products can assist.

“JCT’s response to change is well thought out innovation. For example, it led the way in the incorporation of sustainability and BIM provisions in standard form contracts. It will continue to provide practical ways to facilitate the execution of building contracts, particularly with regard to using electronic products and for incorporating up-to-date wording and concepts. It will also continue to strive for simplification so as to continuously improve communication but not by dumbing down.

“To this end we will not only maintain dialogue with member bodies and their representatives but continue to extend it with the wider construction community.”

Each year, JCT’s Construction Industry Parliamentary Reception brings together construction industry professionals, clients and government to reflect upon current issues in construction and their impact on contracts.

This year’s event is hosted by Mr Oliver Colvile MP. Oliver is MP for Plymouth, Sutton and Devonport and is Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Excellence in the Built Environment.

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