JCT Contracts and the Construction Playbook – new article available

Following the publication of the Construction Playbook by HM Government in December 2020, JCT has made available an article, ‘JCT Contracts meeting the objectives of the Construction Playbook’, which provides an analysis on how users wishing to comply with the Playbook’s objectives can do so within the current JCT suite of contracts.

The Construction Playbook is a guidance document aimed at professionals across public sector bodies who are responsible for the planning and delivery of public work programmes and projects.

The document sets out 14 policy areas flowing throughout the project life-cycle, including, Preparation and Planning, Publication, Selection, Evaluation and Reward, and Contract Implementation, which, if followed through, would deliver reforms and measures to ensure best practice and improve the ways in which public works are delivered.

JCT 2016 is specifically referenced in Chapter 6 on Effective Contracting, where it is recommended that standard forms of contract “can be used to help simplify and speed up procurement procedures”, and that “by applying a common approach across the public sector, best practice is more easily embedded and suppliers are more likely to experience a consistent application of policies and practice.”

This latest article provides more information for construction professionals highlighting how, beyond effective contracting, many of the other objectives within the Playbook can be met and facilitated by documents within the JCT 2016 Edition of Contracts.

The article, authored by JCT past chair, Peter Hibberd, should provide reassurance for those procuring public sector projects, and private sector projects adopting the policies within the Playbook, that JCT offers a range of flexible and reliable options to assist in meeting the policy objectives.

The article can be read at the JCT website by visiting corporate.jctltd.co.uk/jct-contracts-meeting-the-objectives-of-the-construction-playbook