Digital sub-contracts now available via JCT On Demand

JCT has made its entire range of sub-contracts available digitally, via its JCT On Demand service.

The service enables sub-contract users to purchase and complete their documents in a user-friendly, secure online format.

The documents available include the following:

  • JCT Standard Building Sub-Contract (SBCSub)
  • JCT Standard Building Sub-Contract with sub-contractor’s design (SBCSub/D)
  • JCT Design and Build Sub-Contract (DBSub)
  • JCT Intermediate Sub-Contract (ICSub)
  • JCT Intermediate Sub-Contract with sub-contractor’s design (ICSub/D)
  • JCT Intermediate Named Sub-Contract (ICSub/NAM)
  • JCT Intermediate Named Sub-Contractor/Employer Agreement (ICSub/NAM/E)
  • JCT Minor Works Sub-Contract with sub-contractor’s design (MWSub/D)
  • JCT Short Form of Sub-Contract (ShortSub)
  • JCT Sub-subcontract (SubSub)

There is a difference in the digital vs hardcopy sub-contracts in that, where applicable, for the JCT On Demand versions of sub-contracts, the sub-contract agreement and conditions are incorporated as one document rather than sold separately (e.g. Standard Building Sub-Contract Agreement (SBCSub/A) and Standard Building Sub-Contract Conditions (SBCSub/C) are incorporated as Standard Building Sub-Contract (SBCSub)).

Alongside the release of the range of sub-contracts, JCT has recently made a number of other documents available via JCT On Demand, including a number of collateral warranty documents, and the latest practice note, BIM and JCT Contracts.

More details about which JCT contracts are available through the On Demand service can be found at

All JCT contracts, whether hardcopy or digital, are available to purchase via the JCT online store,