iCon, Daventry

iCon, Daventry

The iCon building in Daventry was the first in the UK to use JCT’s sustainability guidance published in our guidance note, Building a sustainable future together.

The £7 million 4,000m2 building was constructed under a JCT Design and Build contract, incorporating new sustainability clauses.

The building is a leading example of energy efficiency and sustainable design in its own right, but coupled with the use of the sustainability provisions, it is also a demonstration of best practice in sustainable construction.

Following the sustainability theme, the building will be a national centre for sustainable construction and innovative green technologies, becoming the permanent base for East Midland Development Agency’s (emda) new Sustainable Construction innovation Network (iNet), and will offer business incubator units for companies establishing themselves in this emerging sector. The iCon will also offer first-class conference and community facilities for Daventry and the region.

“The iCon building will, as the name suggests, be an iconic building, but not only for Daventry but for the construction industry as a whole. The team has put a considerable amount of thought into the design and construction, to ensure it is as sustainable as practicably possible within the available budget.”

“The development and use of the new JCT guidance has been similarly innovative, providing us with a ready-made framework from which to build sustainability conditions, ensuring that our good work is transferred all the way down the supply chain.” David Walker, ICON (EM) chairman

Photography by Andrewhatfield.co.uk