JCT adds Video Training Modules to its JCT Training initiative

JCT Training Video Modules is a new package launched by JCT as part of its JCT Training initiative.

The video modules provide a short, introductory segments on some of the key elements of JCT contracts. They are convenient and useful for those wishing to refresh their knowledge of a particular aspect of a contract or familiarise themselves with a JCT contract for the first time.

Available via the JCT Online Store, the videos can be purchased either individually, where a quick-reference guide on a particular aspect of a contract is desired, or the video segments on a particular course can be purchased as an entire series bundle – the videos combined providing a grounding for those new to a contract or those looking for a summary without committing to a full JCT Training Course.

Once purchased, users can log into their account on the JCT Online Store and access their videos at any time.

JCT Training Video Modules form part of JCT’s wider programme of training services, which includes face-to-face full-day courses and 3-hour interactive webinars. The face-to-face training and webinar courses provide a much more comprehensive and detailed overview of the JCT contract suite and its legal background.

The new video module series complements the full courses by providing convenience and useful information in an easy to access package.

For more information about all of JCT’s training services, visit www.jctltd.co.uk/jct-training.