JCT Digital assists construction professionals as lockdown eases

JCT has been adopting a ‘digital first’ approach in the provision of its contract products and services, in an effort to increase the efficiency and flexibility for those working with construction contracts during the lockdown period.

As the lockdown eases, its digital services are aimed to assist construction professionals in their return to work.

JCT Digital encompasses a range of online services, including JCT On Demand and JCT Construct.

JCT On Demand is the digital equivalent of the JCT hardcopy contract. Users are able to purchase any JCT 2016 document via the JCT Online Store (www.jctltd.co.uk) and can access the document instantly via their account. JCT On Demand enables users to fill in their contract using an intuitive Q&A process to make sure their contract is completed comprehensively.

Currently JCT On Demand is the default option (where available) for products purchased via the JCT Online Store, although customers can still order hardcopy contracts for delivery if they prefer by selecting the appropriate option on the product page.

JCT Construct is a subscription service with advanced editing features, enabling users to add their own bespoke clauses, amendments, or other text.

The document updates in line with user-added content and elements such as clause numbers and table of contents are updated automatically.  The system supports guest sharing for collaborative working, so all those involved in the drafting can share drafts, make edits and view changes.

A range of subscription options support single and multi-users and, as with JCT On Demand, the full range of JCT 2016 documents is available.

Both digital services enable the printing of drafts and the creation of final documents.

Full transparency is ensured across JCT’s digital services as the ability to generate comparison documents show the changes between drafts and the full changes against the published JCT text.

JCT chief executive, Neil Gower, said:

“It is vital that as lockdown measures start to ease and construction activity resumes professionals within the industry have a broad range of options so that work can continue as effectively as possible.

“JCT is playing its part with JCT Digital – providing services and products that enable remote and flexible working, foster safe collaboration, and assist professionals as they begin to return to work.”

More information is available at www.jctltd.co.uk/jct-digital.