JCT Dispute Adjudication Documentation 2021 available for pre-order

JCT has announced the pre-order release of the JCT Dispute Adjudication Board Documentation 2021 (DAB 2021), a new addition to the JCT 2016 contract suite.

DAB 2021 provides a proactive approach to dispute avoidance and resolution. The document pack, including a model Tripartite Agreement, enabling provisions for both the JCT Design and Build Contract and JCT Major Project Construction Contract forms, and guidance notes, contains all the tools required to establish and operate a Dispute Adjudication Board under a JCT contract.

The aim is to provide a framework for parties to identify and resolve potential problems and disputes early on to avoid costly litigation and damaging of project relationships.

DAB 2021 has been designed for use with the JCT Design and Build Contract (DB) and JCT Major Project Construction Contract (MP) forms, both of which are suitable for large, longer-term projects – the types of project for which the establishment of a Dispute Adjudication Board would be most appropriate.

In developing DAB 2021, JCT is pleased to have agreed with the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb) for its form of Dispute Board rules to be used as the basis for JCT’s rules. Amendments have been made to the rules so that DAB 2021 can be used with a JCT contract form on a UK project.

Other amendments to CIArb’s rules include establishing the Dispute Board as a Dispute Adjudication Board and ensuring that there is an Act compliant adjudication mechanism in place.

Paul Cowan, chair of JCT’s Construction Dispute Resolution Group, said:

“Having been closely involved with the initial proposal and subsequent development of the DAB 2021, I’m delighted to see it being published.

“The UK led the way with swift dispute resolution in construction adjudication, and can now adopt international best practice with proactive dispute avoidance and resolution through the use of Dispute Adjudication Boards.”

The JCT Dispute Adjudication Board Documentation 2021 can be pre-ordered now from the JCT Online Store at www.jctltd.co.uk/product/dispute-adjudication-board-documentation-2021.

More information about the Documentation is available here.