JCT Education & Training Video Released

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JCT has launched a new education and training video to explain the role we play, beyond the production of the JCT contract suite, in supporting construction professionals, students, and education providers to learn about the contract process and foster best practice in their use.

The video highlights our history of excellence in the production of standard form contracts and recognises our role in ensuring that construction professionals can confidently and successfully use JCT contracts on their projects through the right support, training, and learning resources.

In particular, the video takes a look at some of the tools we have developed:

  • JCT Young Professionals Group (YPG)

The JCT YPG is a focus group for professionals within roughly the first ten years of their career, those that are “young in the industry” regardless of age, and students, whose members are interested in elevating their professional profile, expanding their industry network and connecting with peers, and giving back to the industry through fostering a long-term engagement with JCT.

  • A platform for young professionals and those new to a construction career regardless of age, across different sectors of the industry, to network and share experiences, knowledge, and ideas in an informal way
  • A link between YPG members and industry experts for the sharing of knowledge and experience
  • A range of useful on and off-line tools to link professionals together with JCT
  • A way for professionals to engage with JCT, the UK’s largest provider of construction contracts, and a key example of a cross-industry collaboration, to shape the future of construction contracts.

Find out more about the YPG at https://ypg.jctltd.co.uk.

  • JCT Training

JCT Training provides courses on specific JCT contract families, as well as other contract related matters. The courses are designed to help construction professionals with a range of JCT topics, including:

  • Learning about some of the main contracts in the JCT range, including setting out these contracts, looking at what provisions are included
  • Gaining knowledge and guidance to avoid common pitfalls
  • Exploring the legal underpinning behind JCT contracts to give users confidence when they are working with particular JCT forms.

The courses are delivered by a range of expert trainers, all current or past members of the JCT Council, or JCT Drafting Sub-committee. This means the training is delivered by those directly involved in the creation of the JCT 2016 Edition.

Courses are currently delivered as day-long, face-to-face sessions, in a 3-hour format as live, interactive webinars, and in a series of bite-size video modules.

Find out more at https://www.jctltd.co.uk/jct-training.

  • JCT Contracts Discovery

JCT Contracts Discovery is an education and learning module designed for education and training providers, in-house training teams and independent tutors.

Delivered in [both hard-copy and online formats] [Q for TB: is this delivered online?  Only hard copy is available from JCT website?], the module provides the materials that students need to gain a comprehensive yet broad understanding of JCT contracts and JCT contractual procedures.

It supplements a student’s knowledge of JCT contracts and helps to explain their use in context. It can be used alongside the study of specific contract documents to offer a deeper level of understanding.

The module is organised so that each section covers a key area of the construction process impacted by JCT’s range of documents.

JCT Contracts Discovery:

  • Explains the major elements of the JCT suite of contracts
  • Goes through the way in which JCT contracts are set up and implemented
  • Looks at the various roles of individuals including contractors, employers, sub-contractors and contract administrators within the contract process
  • Discusses how JCT provisions deal with administrative matters, such as payment, control of the works, and control of time.

Find out more at https://www.jctltd.co.uk/product/jct-contracts-discovery

Watch the full video over on the JCT YouTube channel, or find out more about all of our work to support education and training on the JCT website at: https://corporate.jctltd.co.uk/initiatives/education-students/.