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JCT launches JCT Construct – a new digital contract drafting service

JCT has launched the latest in its range of digital contract services, JCT Construct.

JCT Construct is a subscription-based contract drafting system with advanced editing features, enabling users to create and amend JCT contracts in a secure, flexible, and easy to use online environment.

With JCT Construct’s powerful tools the JCT contract text itself can be edited, enabling users to add their own amendments, clauses, or other customised text. This is alongside being able to use the same intuitive Q&A process as the JCT On Demand service to fill in contracts comprehensively.

The system generates contracts in both plain copy and comparison document formats, making it possible to easily read the contracts and see all the changes from the published JCT text.

Guest sharing functionality supports collaborative working amongst those involved in the contract drafting to share drafts, to edit, and to see all the changes.

Version-to-version comparison enables users to see any changes between draft versions and against the published JCT text, ensuring full transparency between the parties to the contract at all times.

A range of subscription options are available, including JCT Construct – Complete, with access to the full range of JCT 2016 Edition documents, and JCT Construct – Small Works, with access to a more limited range of documents, including the JCT Minor Works Building Contract and JCT Intermediate Building Contract families. Subscriptions also include options for single users and for where multi-user accounts are required.

JCT chief executive, Neil Gower, said:

“JCT has been at the forefront of providing digital services for the construction industry. Following the success of our JCT On Demand service, JCT Construct is the most advanced digital service we’ve produced, providing a vital drafting tool for construction professionals.

“Digital technology will continue to have an increasing impact on the construction industry and JCT Construct is another step to assist users in increasing efficiency, collaboration and flexibility.

“At the same time, the service maintains transparency and brings to bear all of the experience and expertise with which JCT users are familiar when using our traditional, hard-copy contracts.”

Single user subscriptions are available to purchase immediately from JCT’s online store at www.jctltd.co.uk.

More information about the service and the options available can be found at www.jctltd.co.uk/jct-construct.

A summary of the full range of JCT’s digital services can be found at www.jctltd.co.uk/jct-digital.