JCT On Demand: New JCT Digital Contracts Now Available

JCT has launched its improved and updated On Demand digital service, taking on board user feedback to deliver a new service with a range of enhanced features.

The On Demand digital service is re-launched with three of JCT’s most popular contracts, JCT Minor Works Building Contract (MW), JCT Minor Works Building Contract with contractors’ design (MWD) and JCT Design and Build Contract (DB). The Design and Build Contract Guide (DB/G) is also available.

The new On Demand digital service seamlessly integrates with the JCT online store, www.jctltd.co.uk, so that once you have created your account and purchased the On Demand digital version of your contract, you can log in and access your contract any time that is convenient to you.

An intuitive Q&A process makes filling in the contracts easy and makes sure you cover all the key areas.

Questions change depending on the answers you give, so you only complete what is relevant to you.

  • An in-situ Q&A and preview screen – see your answers update the contract in r eal time as you progress.
  • Improved design features, such as easy to access document actions, interactive progress bar, and an easy to navigate folder structure, help make finding and progressing through your contracts a breeze.
  • You can print DRAFT watermarked copies as you work to review your contract.
  • You can view and print comparison documents comparing your changes to the baseline JCT text.

JCT On Demand is designed to provide a convenient, user-friendly, and secure way to access and work with JCT contracts. It is for users who are looking for peace of mind in making sure they have comprehensively completed their contract, but are not looking to make bespoke changes or amendments.

Try JCT On Demand today by visiting JCT’s online store: www.jctltd.co.uk.