JCT Prime Cost Contract among new digital products on JCT On Demand

JCT has added more contracts from its current 2016 Edition to its On Demand digital service, increasing the range of JCT contracts available to purchase and fill in online.

The latest release of new products includes the JCT Prime Cost Contract (PCC), JCT Measured Term Contract (MTC), JCT Repair and Maintenance Contract (RM), and their associated guides.

Recently the service was updated to include the full range of JCT Sub-Contracts, which added to the range of best-selling JCT contracts that have been available for some time.

JCT On Demand enables users to purchase and fill in their contracts in a safe, secure, online environment using an intuitive Q&A process.

It is ideal for those who want instant access to their JCT contract, to be guided through each section to make sure it is completed comprehensively but are not looking to make bespoke changes or amendments to the contract text.

The system also enables the saving and printing of drafts, printing out of professional plain copies for signing, and generating comparison documents showing user changes against the published JCT text, ensuring full transparency between the parties to the contract at all times.

More information about the service, and the full range of documents available can be found at www.jctltd.co.uk/jct-on-demand.

All JCT contracts, whether hard-copy or digital can be purchased via JCT’s online store, www.jctltd.co.uk.