JCT Releases Contract Administration Model Forms For Minor Works

JCT has added to its range of contract administration model forms with the launch of a new product specifically for use with the Minor Works family of building contracts, MW and MWD 2016 Admin – Contract Administration Model Forms.

The Contract Administration Model Forms first launched in March with the release of the products for use with the JCT Home Owner contracts.

This latest release is for use specifically on projects using the 2016 edition of either the JCT Minor Works Building Contract (MW) or Minor Works Building Contract with contractor’s design (MWD).

The contract administration model forms provide a series of template forms to assist with the administration of a JCT contract and a construction project.

The PDF packs are convenient to use and easy to purchase online via the JCT On Demand digital service.

The examples of the forms included within the PDF pack are:

MW and MW/D Contract Administration Model Forms

  • Extension of Time
  • Non-completion
  • Notice of Intention to Deduct Liquidated Damages
  • Practical Completion Certificate
  • Certificate of Making Good
  • Architect/Contract Administrator’s Instruction
  • Interim Certificate
  • Pay Less Notice
  • Final Certificate
  • Valuation (which can be used with the Interim Certificate, Final Certificate and Pay Less Notice)

For more information, visit the JCT Online Store at www.jctltd.co.uk.