JCT releases new Minor Works and Sub-Contract Video Module Training Courses

JCT has announced the release of two new courses from the JCT Training Video Modules Series, ‘Introduction to JCT Minor Works Building Contract 2016’ and ‘Introduction to JCT Sub-Contracts 2016’.

The Minor Works course provides a series of modules covering all aspects of the JCT Minor Works Building Contract, including when to use MW 2016, the structure of the document, employer and contractor’s key obligations, payment, variations, delays and extension of time, and more.

The Minor Works modules assist users who wish to brush up their knowledge on a particular aspect of the contract, or in combination provide an introductory overview to those encountering the JCT Minor Works Building Contract for the first time.

The Sub-Contracts course is unique to the JCT Training Video Modules series and is the only place to access expert JCT training on the range of JCT Sub-Contracts.

The Sub-Contracts course contains modules on versions, design, time, loss and expense, variations, payment and more.

JCT Training Video Modules are designed to provide a short introduction to the key elements of JCT Contracts.

The individual videos cover a particular aspect of the contract, full of useful information as a quick-reference guide and to refer to at a time convenient to the user.

Modules can also be purchased in a bundle package as a complete series – the videos combined provide an introductory overview to the whole contract, useful for providing a grounding for those new to the contract or for those wishing to brush up on their knowledge without committing to a full JCT Training Course.

Users can log into their JCT account and access their purchased videos from their account page at any time.

The Minor Works and Sub-Contract courses join the other available video modules, including Introduction to JCT Standard Building Contract 2016, Introduction to JCT Design and Build Contract 2016, and JCT Contracts 2016: The Legal Perspective.

JCT Training Video Modules form part of a wider package of training resources for construction professionals, including webinars and face-to-face courses.

More information about all JCT Training options is available at www.jctltd.co.uk/jct-training.