JCT releases updated JCT Contracts Discovery education module

JCT has revised and substantially updated its education and training module, JCT Contracts Discovery, providing an improved and more in-depth tool for those working in construction education.

JCT Contracts Discovery is designed for education and training providers, in-house training teams, independent tutors, and students studying contractual matters as part of their construction-related courses.

It is also a useful reference guide for construction professionals who are new to JCT and the processes involved in working with standard form construction contracts.

The module sets new standards for construction contract education, improving the understanding of contract use and assisting the development of the construction professionals of the future. It supplements a student’s knowledge of JCT contracts and helps to explain their use in context. It can be used alongside the study of specific contract documents to offer a deeper level of understanding.

This revised publication of JCT Contracts Discovery goes further by giving a more detailed description and explanation of the changes made as a result of the publication of the JCT 2016 Edition of contracts, and provides analysis of the JCT Standard Building Contract and JCT Design and Build Contract in particular.

The module is organised so that each section covers a key area of the construction process impacted by JCT’s range of documents.

JCT Contracts Discovery:

  • explains the major elements of the JCT suite of contracts
  • goes through how JCT contracts are set up and implemented
  • looks at the various roles of individuals including contractors, employers, sub-contractors and contract administrators within the contract process
  • discusses how JCT provisions deal with administrative matters, such as payment, control of the works, and control of time.

JCT Contracts Discovery is designed to be flexible to a variety of teaching and learning needs. It can be used as a standalone module on JCT contracts or it can be incorporated into the existing structure of a construction-related course.

More information about JCT Contracts Discovery can be found at www.jctltd.co.uk/product/jct-contracts-discovery