JCT Training addresses need for quality contract education

JCT Training, established over a year ago, is meeting an urgent need across the construction industry for education and training in contractual matters.

The courses are the most authoritative range of training packages on JCT contracts available, authored and delivered by members of the JCT Council and Drafting Sub-Committee, who are responsible for drafting the JCT suite of contracts.

Since the launch of the JCT Training programme, over 20 courses have been delivered, with a further 9 taking place throughout the remainder of 2019. With the majority of courses selling out, JCT Training has been providing an important service to professionals from across the construction sector, including private and local authority clients, contractors, consultants, specialists, and legal experts.

The courses provide a thorough grounding across the core suite of main JCT contracts – including some of JCT’s most widely used forms – the Standard Building Contract (SBC), Intermediate Building Contract (IC), Design and Build Contract (DB), and Minor Works Building Contract (MW).

Other courses give guidance on selecting the appropriate JCT contract for a project and provide a detailed insight into the legal perspective on JCT contracts.

The training forms part of a package of learning tools that construction professionals can access via JCT. In addition to JCT Training, JCT Contracts Discovery is an education and training module developed for training providers, universities and colleges, and tutors, to deliver and create contract-related course content. It is also a useful reference guide and primer for those that are new to working with JCT contracts.

JCT chief executive, Neil Gower, said:

“It’s clear from the level of demand for JCT Training, since we launched our programme a year ago, that we are meeting a real need in the industry for high quality, in-depth contract training.

“JCT’s remit has always been greater than just the production of its suite of contracts. We take seriously our responsibility to provide services that benefit the industry as a whole, and education and training is an important part of making sure we equip construction professionals with the tools to ensure contracts are understood, selected and administered correctly.

“This benefits not only the individual professional, but has a positive effect on performance across the industry’s various disciplines. Professionals also know that they are able to gain high quality training directly from the source – giving them direct access to the experts involved in the creation of the JCT suite.”

More information about JCT Training, including booking available courses, can be found at www.jctltd.co.uk/jct-training. The JCT Contracts Discovery education module and reference guide is available at www.jctltd.co.uk/product/jct-contracts-discovery.