JCT Training: New Video Module

A brand new course is now available as part of our JCT Training Video Modules series:

Which JCT Contract is best for your project?

Presented by Peter Hibberd, JCT past chair, this new indispensable series of video modules provides a wealth of information to assist in making the correct choice of JCT contract for a construction project.

The individual video modules that make up the series are as follows:

  1. When is the time to decide the contract form?
  2. Procurement routes and the factors that determine choice
  3. Matching the available contracts with procurement process
  4. Choosing the specific contract from the range
  5. Choosing the sub-contract
  6. Other questions concerning choice of contract

In this series, discover more information about the importance of procurement route to the contract choice, the appropriate time in the process to select the contract, how the JCT suite maps across the range of procurement options, choosing the JCT contract from the range available once procurement and other factors have been decided, sub-contract choice, and other key issues, such as the importance of standard form contracts, when and how it might be appropriate to amend contracts, and other questions.

For more information visit: https://www.jctltd.co.uk/category/jct-training-videos