Met Office and JCT team up to provide new weather services for construction industry

The Met Office and JCT have launched a new range of weather services designed specifically to assist in project planning and post-project analysis. The products will work in conjunction with the weather clauses in the JCT suite of contracts.

Neil Gower (L), JCT chief executive, with Arwel Griffiths (R), Met Office business group director

Two new products, Location Based Monthly Planning Averages and Location Based Downtime Summaries, provide project teams with trusted information to inform scheduling, design refinements and budget in the planning stage. They also deliver accurate information to aid resolution of disputes and requests for extension of time.

The Location Based Monthly Planning Averages reports look over a 30-year period to provide a clear picture of what seasonal norms to expect on site. The Location Based Downtime reports match downtime against the recorded weather for a requested period, with long-term averages and 1-in-10 year values.  Both reports use weather data from over 3,600 locations across the UK to provide highly accurate and tailored data.

The Met Office and JCT have reputations for providing industry-leading expertise and knowledge in their respective fields. Combining their specialisms brings trust and accuracy to construction projects, saving money and time. The collaboration also provides the assurance that staff will be safe and prepared, enabling the project team to concentrate on the building works.

JCT chief executive, Neil Gower, said:

“Both JCT and the Met Office are synonymous with providing industry leadership, and being the authoritative source in our respective fields.

“Our working together to provide this new range of weather products and services gives professionals working in the construction industry confidence that they have access to very high-quality, reliable products.”

Arwel Griffiths, Met Office business group director, said:

“We are delighted to have teamed up with JCT to offer our weather based reports for the construction industry.  The reports are an extremely accurate reflection of onsite weather conditions specific to individual sites and will inform construction tenders and help towards weather planning and risk management.”

More information about the new weather services and other products available for construction professionals from the Met Office can be found via the JCT website: