Nigerian construction industry modernises by adopting updated JCT contracts

The Nigerian construction industry is adopting up-to-date editions of JCT contracts as part of an initiative to modernise and adopt best practice.

JCT contracts (albeit much earlier editions) have been adapted for use in Nigeria for some time, however this new initiative, spearheaded by the Nigerian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (NIQS), aims to put a more formal process in place for the adoption of current JCT contracts and provide the Nigerian construction industry with training, advice and guidance about the up-to-date JCT editions and current legal and contractual processes.

JCT council and drafting sub-committee member, Peter Barnes, was invited by the NIQS to present two full-day seminars in July to delegates within the Nigerian construction industry, in order to bring them up-to-date in respect of the current editions of JCT contracts, and current best practice from the UK perspective.

The two seminars, held in Lagos and Abuja, were attended by approximately 550 construction industry professionals, including ministers from the Nigerian government, who are keen for the updated JCT contracts to be adopted.

Following the seminars the NIQS announced that they would be adopting up-dated JCT contracts, both in practice and for use in their future examinations.

Peter Barnes said:

“The Nigerian Institute of Quantity Surveyors, led by its President, Mr. Obafemi Onashile should be congratulated on spearheading the initiative to get updated versions of the JCT Contracts used in Nigeria.

“The two full day Seminars that I gave in Lagos and Abuja were very well attended, and there was great interest shown by all those present at the conferences about the up-dated versions of the JCT Contracts.

“At a personal level, it was a great experience for me, and it is an experience that I hope to repeat before too long as the JCT Contracts become more widely used in Nigeria.”

Pictured: Obafemi Onashile (president, NIQS), Peter Barnes (JCT Council and Drafting Sub-Committee member)