Students show their inspiration in JCT Student Competition 2018

Jamie Hume, of the University College of Estate Management, has won the JCT Student Competition 2018, with his video entry, “What inspires you about construction? – Leeds Corn Exchange”.

The runner-up prize winner was Harry Simpson, Nottingham Trent University, with his photographic essay entry on Derelict Space Development.

An accompanying selfie photo competition, running alongside the main competition was won by Max Hume of Ulster University.

For the 2018 competition, entrants had to answer the question, “What inspires you about construction?”

They could choose to focus on a particular building, be it a famous landmark or a building with personal meaning, or they could highlight an element of the building or construction process, for example aesthetics or design, a building’s function, any innovative or creative features, sustainability and a building’s positive environmental impact, social impact, or another feature of the construction industry that they find inspiring.

As with previous competitions, students had the option to choose the format of their entry, with shortlisted entries this year including videos, photographic presentations, and traditional essays.

The 2018 competition ran from September 2017 to March 2018 with judging taking place in May. Students from a number of high-level institutions from around the UK, including the University College of Estate Management, University College London, Nottingham Trent University, Oxford Brookes University, and Ulster University, continuing the high level of interest and value that the competition generates for construction students.

JCT is committed to improving the understanding and learning of construction contracts and the competition is an important opportunity to provide support to students and future JCT contract users.

As the competition has become established, it has also evolved over time, recognising the different ways in which construction students learn and the various industry backgrounds and disciplines from which students are drawn.

The JCT Student Competition aims to provide a significant boost to construction students, to assist with their studies, and provide development opportunities. This year a winning prize of £1,000 was awarded, with a £250 prize for the runner-up.

The winning entries are available to view in full on the JCT website at: