Suite of updated Covid-19 articles available from JCT website

JCT has made available a suite of new articles providing information about the impact of Covid-19 on construction projects and the contractual issues that arise.

The new articles, authored by JCT past-chair, Peter Hibberd, follow on from the orginal article, “Coronavirus (Covid-19) and JCT Contracts”, released in April.

The latest articles update the original information from the April piece, set out the guidance from Government and the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) and the important contract areas affected, and address the issues that need to be considered for future projects.

The suite highlights specific issues that apply to the use of JCT contracts, including areas within the contract of which contractors, clients, and contract administrators need to be mindful in ensuring compliance.

The three articles, which are available as downloadable PDFs via the JCT website, are titled:

  • Principal Covid-19 guidance from Government and Construction Leadership Council
  • Government’s updated Covid-19 guidance raises specific issues
  • Future projects: the impact of Covid-19 and Brexit

As Government and the industry moves to a period of transition and recovery following the lockdown period, it is important that all parties to the contract are aware of the issues that affect compliance in relation to their current projects and are able to give due consideration to the impact of their future work.

This series of articles aims to provide useful to information to JCT contract users, to assist in the contract process as recovery continues.

The articles can be downloaded at