“What inspires you about construction?” JCT’s student competition offers £1000 prize for the best answer

The JCT Student Competition 2018 is now open for entry, with a £1000 grand prize available for the student who can produce the best answer to what inspires them about construction.

The competition asks students about what aspect of the construction industry or process inspires them. They may wish to describe a public building, which could be local or a famous international landmark, and explain what aspects of the building or its construction they find inspiring.

Alternatively, they can choose and talk about an element of the building or construction process – be it aesthetics or design, function, innovative or creative features, sustainability and positive environmental impacts, social impacts, or another feature of the construction industry that is of interest to them.

Students can choose any format in creating their entry. It could be an article or essay, video, photographic presentation or slideshow, poster or graphic design, or any format that the student wishes to use to enable them to produce an interesting and creative piece of work.

The competition is open to any student (age 16 and above) registered with a UK educational or professional institution, studying a construction related programme, apprenticeship, or with an interest in the construction industry.

As well as the £1000 grand prize, there will be prizes of £250 available for runners-up.

In addition to the main competition, JCT is running a separate selfie photo competition. To enter, students must submit a selfie of themselves interacting with a building or something construction related in a creative, interesting or humorous way. JCT will be offering a range of smaller prizes including a £50 Amazon voucher for the best entry.

The JCT Student Competition is an established annual award first launched in 2012 as part of JCT’s Education and Training Initiative. As the UK’s leading provider of construction contracts, JCT is committed to providing support and guidance for construction students as well as helping students develop their understanding of construction contracts.

Full information about the competition can be found at https://corporate.jctltd.co.uk/students.