JCT Student Competition 2018: Rules and Guidance

  1. The title of the JCT Student Competition 2018 is “What inspires you about construction?”
  2. The competition is open to any student (age 16 and above) registered with a UK educational or professional institution, studying a construction related programme, apprenticeship, or with an interest in the construction industry.
  3. We are looking for original, creative ideas about what aspect of the construction industry or process inspires you. Prize winning entries may vary enormously in the way they are presented, however they will engage our attention in an interesting and thoughtful manner. Above all, we are looking for originality, imagination, creativity, clarity of thought, and demonstration of care and effort.
  4. You may wish to describe a public building, which could be local to you, or a famous international landmark, and explain what aspects of the building you find inspiring. Alternatively, you can choose and talk about an element of the building or construction process – be it aesthetics or design, function, innovative or creative features, sustainability and positive environmental impacts, social impacts, or another feature of the construction industry that is of interest to you.
  5. Some candidates will wish to research a topic, consulting more than one identifiable source of information, and include quotations. All quotes should be attributed either in the text or by means of footnotes, and all sources listed at the end of the entry.
  6. Do not plagiarise material. We have access to plagiarism software and the internet can easily identify material published online. Entries containing plagiarised material will be disqualified.
  7. You may choose the format and type of entry you submit. It could be an article or essay, video, photographic presentation or slideshow, poster or graphic design – or any other format.
  8. Entry takes place via the JCT website at https://corporate.jctltd.co.uk/students/entry-2018.
  9. Acceptable file formats are: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, pdf, doc, docx, ppt, pptx, odt, avi, ogg, m4a, mov, mp3, mp4, mpg, wav, and wmv.
  10. The maximum file size for entry via the website is 3MB. Please contact stanform@jctltd.co.uk if you would like to submit an entry that exceeds that amount that you are unable to compress.
  11. For the separate selfie competition, we are asking you to submit a selfie of you interacting with a building or something construction related in a creative, interesting or humorous way.
  12. The selfie competition can be entered either by submitting your image at https://corporate.jctltd.co.uk/students/selfie-entry-2018, or by uploading to your facebook or twitter account with the hashtag #JCTStudentCompetition.
  13. Images deemed to be inappropriate, either by containing sensitive, explicit, or disrespectful material, or implying any illegal activity, will be excluded.
  14. Entries (for both the main competition and selfie competition) must be (where applicable) in English (UK) and must be received by 12:00 noon on Wednesday 14th March 2018, the closing date of the competition. Late entries will not be accepted.
  15. The main competition and selfie competition are separate and entry into one does not imply entry to the other.  You may choose to enter either or both.
  16. Judging will take place after the competition closes and will be completed in May 2018.
  17. Winners will be notified by email. Arrangements for the presentation of any prizes will be notified soon after.
  18. The decisions of JCT in respect of judging are final, and no correspondence will be entered into.
  19. A prize of £1,000 will be awarded to the main competition winner, with prizes of £250 awarded to runners-up. The prize funds will be transferred electronically and arrangements will be made between JCT and the individual winners.
  20. The winner of the selfie competition will be awarded a £50 Amazon voucher. Smaller prizes (such as JCT merchandise) will be awarded to runners-up.
  21. All entrants agree to participate in competition promotion and public relations activities. Winners agree to allow photography of them and for those images to be used as JCT wishes, and to be the subject of a news release announcing the prize winners. JCT will publish the names of winners, their course, and their college/university or organisation. No other personal details will be released.
  22. Upon entering either competition, entrants agree to allow JCT to publish their entry as it wishes, including supplying the content for publication in the media, uploading on the internet, and use through other channels. This includes the entire entry or excerpts from it. Any such use will be suitably notated and acknowledged.
  23. This competition is being promoted by the Joint Contracts Tribunal Limited, 28 Ely Place, London EC1N 6TD. JCT will for its part make every endeavour to carry out the competition in accordance with the rules but shall have no liability to the entrants should it fail to do so.
  24. JCT reserves the right to add to, change, amend, or remove any part of the competition or its rules at any time.