Peter Hibberd steps down as JCT chair

JCT chair, Peter Hibberd, will be stepping down from his current role at the end of February 2015.

Having taken over as JCT chair in 2009, following ten years in the position of secretary general, Peter’s tenure has overseen several changes – not just within JCT, but the industry as a whole – affecting the production of standard form contracts as choices and procurement routes have developed.

JCT’s portfolio has expanded greatly during Peter’s time at the organisation, responding to different procurement methods, encouraging collaborative working and providing for increasingly diverse market sectors. This includes the publication of the Major Project Construction Contract, JCT-Constructing Excellence Contract, Homeowner contracts, and procurement documentation such as the Pre-Construction Services and Framework Agreements.

Yet throughout, Peter has remained a champion of standardisation, and a strong advocate of the core ethos of JCT:

“Standardisation and setting the benchmark plays a very important part in the work of JCT, as does providing guidance on good practice, but it is evident that users are demanding ever more choice[…] JCT maintains the objective of standardisation wherever possible because it has clear benefits.”

Peter leaves JCT as the UK’s biggest provider of standard form construction contracts, a strong platform from which JCT is already looking to the future, particularly with the provision of online contract documentation:

“In the foreseeable future it seems a distinct possibility that JCT will not only make all contracts available on-line but that they will remain there together with other relevant documents that collectively become logged as the official agreement between the parties. No lost contract – no fear of unknown alterations – just a clear record. BIM, however it is developed, will encourage and facilitate such a development.

“My half century in the construction industry has been absorbing as it has wrestled with the many issues with which it has been confronted. Not least that of being an economic regulator – something which I believe will remain. It has changed in many ways but that change will be small compared with what is likely over next 25 years, let alone the next 50 years. Education is the key to how the industry will respond.

“I wish all my colleagues well for the future and to always expect the unexpected: remember the implementation of most plans seldom works out exactly as intended.”

JCT chief executive, Neil Gower, said:

“We thank Peter for his many years of service to JCT, but particularly in his role as chair, as I have worked with him over the past six years.

“Our achievements to date are a fitting tribute to the work Peter has put into JCT. His support and skilful chairmanship have been widely recognised and appreciated. He will be missed by staff, members and colleagues, and we wish him well for the future.”

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